What You Should Be Doing Every Day This Summer

Face Sun Cream: Dior

Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream: No7

Face Finity Foundation: Max Factor

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Hey guys,

Because we’ve been having such beautiful, summer weather recently (Manchester is full of surprises!), I thought I would do a post on something I have recently started doing every day, particularly when the sun is out – applying SPF to my face. Above are a few of the products I use and would highly recommend. A lot of foundations contain SPF but if they don’t you may want to apply a day cream with SPF or even a face sun cream.

For those of you with pale skin like me there is little chance of tanning, but those of you with varying skin tones it is still important not to tan the face. It is even worse if you were to burn your face. Not only does tanning give you a higher chance of wrinkles when you are older it also increases your chances of skin cancer.

Here are a few facts from the NHS Website:

  • Sunburn damages your skin for life; not just the days that you are burned. And every time it burns, you double your risk of skin cancer.
  • If you are pale, blonde or red headed or have moles and freckles, you are at a higher risk of burning and skin cancer and therefore need to take even more care. Black skin can also burn, just with slightly hotter sun exposure, so be careful of palms and the soles of your feet especially.
  • Younger skin is more prone to damage than older skin. Protect your skin from as young as possible.
  • For the times you do head into the sun, use factor 15 and above and apply often, especially after swimming too.

I understand everyone feels and looks better with a tan but it is so important to look after your skin. And lets be honest, with the amazing range and good quality fake tanning products out there, there is no need to worry! I recently read a blog post by Victoria of IntheFrow and I would recommend you check it out – ‘Why I Don’t Sunbathe‘. She goes in to more detail about being in the sun when you’re on holiday.

Obviously enjoy the sun, but there is no need to get hurt by it!


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