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I have always had a passion for clothes but recently I have been really in to beauty and make-up. After following many beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube I feel my technique, as well as my knowledge has improved greatly and one day I hope to do some of my own make-up tutorials. It’s not always about the type of make up you use – high-end or drugstore – it’s about the application and that’s where make up brushes come in. It’s so important to take care of your make-up brushes and clean them regularly. A few reasons below:

  1. Prevents break outs from bacteria collected in the brushes
  2. Stops skin irritation from brittle and caked brushes
  3. Changes the colour of the brush back to normal
  4. Allows the brushes to last longer
  5. Stops other nasty diseases e.g. pinkeye

Not cleaning your brushes is like using your fingers to apply your make up with all that oil and bacteria. So knowing this, you should want to clean your brushes asap!

I use baby shampoo to clean my brushes (which you can buy from a drugstore or supermarket) as it is very gentle, however you can use products you already have e.g. bar of soap and oil. I used to use my hands or a sponge to wash my brushes but this was very time-consuming and probably wasn’t removing as much bacteria as I wanted. Then I discovered the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat and it changed the game altogether! It makes the process so much quicker and the different textures mean every area of the brush is cleaned. I really recommend buying this as it is so worth it. I bought mine from here, but you can also grab it from Cult Beauty where they have a video demonstrating how to use the mat.

Hope this post has been informative and leave a comment if you have anything you want to add.

Grab the brushes from here!

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