My First Experience of The Blogger Bootcamp

Hi Guys!

I haven’t blogged in a long time, so this first post is long overdue. I have been so busy with university work and it has been really hard to build up the motivation to start blogging again. The market is so saturated and it is really difficult to stand out but I want to continue offering you advice on how to style the latest trends.

I have been attending a ‘Blogger Bootcamp’ in Manchester held at Revolution on Oxford Road which has been really informative and is helping me get back on track. This is held by Claire Wilkinson (twitter here) who is very approachable and has put together this course perfectly for people like me.

Claire speaking - Blogger Bootcamp

In the first week we discussed branding; what it is, and how important it is to build a brand for your readers. This meant we had to look in to what we think we are good at, and for most of us it was very difficult to do this. Can you guys tell me what you’re good at?

We also had to create an image of our target reader and their lives. I have done this in projects at university but never thought about linking it to my blog. Creating a profile of your reader and giving them a ‘fake’ name is really beneficial as you can really focus your posts on them and what would be beneficial to them.

To add to this, Naomi Jackson discussed the visual side of branding. This is when I realised I want to give The Dove’s Dress a make over so it looks more professional but also for myself, as I felt part of my lack of motivation was due to the simplicity of my blog and lack of logo/colour scheme.

Columbine First Week of Blogger Bootcamp

I am currently in the process of choosing particular fonts, colours and a logo for The Dove’s Dress.

What do you think of either of these two fonts for the logo?

the doves dress fonts

I would like to incorporate a pink in to my theme as it is my favourite colour, but I will also need to think about complimentary ones to go within the colour scheme. Check out this board I am creating on Pinterest! I hope to use Canva as I had not heard of it before and I think it will be really useful for my content.

Once I have undertaken the re-branding of my blog I hope to use a content calendar to ensure I post regularly and keep all of you up to date. I have also just had my hair done so I hope this will provide me with some motivation, check it out on my Insta!









I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting a blog or who is struggling with their blog. We also ate some really good food as you can see from the pictures! I hope to write a follow up post in the near future. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any feedback about this post.


The Dove’s Dress

Photography by Alice Red